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About Izarra. Image of religion and money on the education.

Brief history of Izarra.

Close to Gujuli waterfall in the town of Izarra there is an abandoned facility that only remains the framework of what it was one of the most important boarding schools in the State. During it’s Golden era accommodated part of the Basque elite.

It was on 1967 when the boarding school started lead by a group o Jesuits using as the core of the project a country house that together with the land belonged to the powerful Oriol and Urquijo family, who where linked to the Spanish right wing. During the following years many works were carried out raising new facilities such as the imposing female pavilion.

Due to many reasons on 1975, school’s first period ended and it was taken over a society basically interested on financial matters more than education issues known as Rumasa. They kept on religious education, always Catholics, and close to the Opus Dei.

Nevertheless threat by different litigious the Govern expropriated all Rumasa holding’s properties and finally Izarra belonged to the State. On the 83 the complex was sold to TEMS (The English Montessori School) starting the third period under the name of Izarra International College. They wanted to stop gender bias so they gathered girls and boys in the same classrooms.

After many years teaching foreign language the group went bankrupt and Izarra closed in the middle of 95-96 course. On the year 2000 Gonzalo Antón thorough Fundación Alavés (Alavés Football Club) got the property for 2 million euros in order to erect luxury villas. But once again owing to bad management and Alavés’ lack of money private security service was non-viable leaving Izarra completely abandoned. After that decision the schools was looted, burgled and vandalised as none of the following project succeeded.