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Berlin is no longer physically divided by the Wall, becoming an example of European city, full of vitality, tolerance and multiculturalism. It has developed with the support of the locals’ youthfulness, blooming heterogeneously on the day to day of immigrant inhabitants.
Nevertheless it is still a city of contrasts split up for decades between East and West. The fact that a vast area has grown up in a different speed but in opposite direction to the rest, makes it possible to find skyscrapers and opulent dwellings between empty solar and braced buildings. This might be a sign of the Wall being there before.
This pictures aim to undress this modern city sank into a beautifully decadent atmosphere. Wandering away from the touristic areas, will help the observers deepen into a half demolished reality which results very romantic, falling in love with graffiti’s and dark landscapes under the bridge. copy copy.jpg