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I guess my relationship with photography is due to a pathological romanticism that has many connotations in photography. All these notions linked to the passage of time, the moment, emotion, nostalgia, dreams are close to me. It is also the knowledge of others, the discovery of self through and the freedom to express themselves without coercion.

I think that since my life has been tied to the art of freezing a moment I am more able to appreciate the small details, enjoy every minute and make visible what is invisible to the rest. These feelings do not just cling to photography but to music and especially vinyls. There are few things as romantic as uncovering the album, smell, clean, take the needle into the groove and let go.

Since I inherited the Minolta SRT 101 from grandpa, is as essential as a passport on any trip. I love the manual focus, lack of automation, think, calculate, wait, shoot. And above all laboratory work, be able to get what I previewed in the viewfinder, under my rules and control. It's like making a second trip, flash backing while flying with the wings of nostalgia.